Every tea has a story.

A brand conceptualised in 2018  by two enterprising visionaries to promote an organic and sustainable way of life  by bringing in world class Carbon Neutral Organic premium teas ranging from Organic blends, single estate tea and immunity boosting wellness tea to herbal blends.

T-Tales curates an exquisite range of whole leaf teas, Organic Infusions and blends and teabags. Every variant is a mood enhancer, uplifting your day. T-Tales Premium teas are recognised worldwide and available in 5 star hotels and high end bars and cafes-PAN INDIA.

We are the first organic and carbon neutral certified brand to be in room in all Marriott hotels in India.

Our Award winning teas are not only known for our quality and sustainable measures but also social initiatives including ‘Fair for Farmers’ certification and opening a special school and home for special needs children.

organis teas t-tales
Organic T-Tales is the first and only Climate Conscious Tea brand in the world with 100% traceability.
From Farm to Cup
We have always ensured that our tea leaves are carefully plucked and processed with the best of technology. We are committed to provide the absolute premium quality and fresh aroma from farm to cup.
Sahni Foods UK Limited
Sahni Foods UK Limited is an all round food import and distribution company. Our portfolio extends from teas, general ethnic foods, herbs, flavours and spices to fresh and frozen meat and poultry, all sourced from fully approved suppliers across the globe. We pride ourselves on being able to supply a wide range of carbon neutral and organic products to the best quality and prices.

Why Us?

With its organic range of flavourful and wellness teas, T-Tales offers certified and carbon neutral teas from JALINGA TEA ESTATE, our very own Organic Paradise in Assam, India with 100% Traceability from Farm to Cup.


We are responsive towards our Stakeholders, Society, Nature and Sustainability.


We ensure every cup of T-tales is 100% organic and there is a 100% traceability from farm to cup.


We have laid the foundations for our Aryan’s Gurukul a special home & school for special needs children.


Jalinga Tea Estate was established in 1935. In 2004 the 3rd generation innovatively progressed towards organic farming under Inhana Bioscience’s technology of rational farming technology.


5% of profit on every purchase of T-Tales goes to Aryan’s Gurukul, home and school for special needs children in Jalinga, Assam.


FAIR FOR FARMERS is a social initiative to support farmers directly